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Campus Facilities

The Maalinyai School has been designed specifically to enable our students to explore their individual interests and passions. The infrastructure adheres to, and complements, our core beliefs of dedication, deep knowledge, and principled action.


Well-equipped, safe, and bright, with furniture that is ergonomically designed and conform to the highest standards, while ensuring their easy rearrangement for various in-class activities. Aesthetically pleasing colours, balance of natural light with artificial lighting, and presence of teaching-aids (smart board, projector) make sure every classroom is optimally suited for learning.


Designated spaces for quiet reading, collaborative work, and research—all with ample natural light—make the library an extension of our classrooms. The extensive collection of reference material, picture books, fiction and non-fiction (both classics and contemporary), and digital content support the curriculum; and foster a life-long love for reading.

Jhoola Bari

Here, children engage in free play under the supervision of our team of qualified teachers. The top-of-the-line playground is a testament to innovative design and engineering. The facilities include swings, slides, and various structures for climbing that help develop balance and control in movement. Sand pits allow children to dig, shape, furrow, and experiment on outdoor creations. In short, the Jhoola Bari enriches childhood through play.

Sports Field

With the conviction that a healthy mind thrives in a healthy body, we have a designated sports field. Under the care of our trained physical education trainers, it is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that meets international standards of quality.

Activity Room

We provide a positive and nurturing learning experience that encourages our students to use their imagination. The Activity Room is where imagination and inspiration meet stimulation. This space facilitates spontaneous learning through role-playing, interactions, and other unplanned tasks.

Visual Art Room

Large windows allow for the observation of nature. Tools help our students translate their thoughts into artwork, while there is adequate display space for them to put up their creations. Thus, this room helps hone the individual styles and techniques of our students.

Performing Arts Room

It facilitates the creative engagement and experimentation through a wide variety of instruments, genres, techniques, and styles. Here, students learn to respond to the beauty in form, movement, and sound; and develop an aesthetic sensibility.


A symbol of confidence and cultural expression, it also serves as an area where students and teachers meet up for discussions after class, or work on their projects.

Technology Lab

Technology lab is employed with the sole purpose of enabling and supporting the varied ways in which children learn. Our state-of-the-art technology lab laboratories for the Primary, Middle, and Senior levels help foster technological skills.


The specialised Science and Math laboratories, equipped with child-friendly workstations and world-class equipment, help students implement theory into practice.

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