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Exploration and Expression

At The Maalinyai School, we give equal importance to all subjects: visual arts, performing arts, physical education, and technology. These add significant value to the quality of students’ experience at the School, and also introduce them to various opportunities for their growth and development.


At The Maalinyai School, technology is an extension of learning. Our teachers focus on effective use of technology tools to engage their students in learning concepts. The students are encouraged to collaborate with peers, employing a variety of digital media; use digital media to communicate, experiment, and design new prototypes; besides supporting individual learning and contributing to the learning of others.

Physical Education

The School strongly promotes health, fitness, and the spirit of sportsmanship by encouraging team games and individual sports equally, both indoors and outdoors. Our students develop skills like team spirit, fair play, and positive relationships with others, which equip them to effectively tackle real-world issues.

Visual and Performing Arts

Expressive arts and design involve experimenting with different styles, learning to adopt creative processes and practices that maximise their own learning; all the while developing an understanding of their individual talent, aptitude, and interest.