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Design & Ideology

The Maalinyai School’s campus has been designed as a place that puts students first, makes them feel welcome, safe, happy, and comfortable.

The School design gives equal importance to academics, as well as to sports, life-skills development, and a variety of performing and visual arts. Just as all the learning areas are integrated seamlessly in the curriculum; spaces for different types of activities are also integrated in an inclusive manner. All learning and staff spaces are technology enabled, through wired or wireless technologies across the campus that not only meet current standards, but are also future-ready.

Students have easy access to learning spaces that provide them with real-life experiences in a controlled environment through dedicated spaces for Language, Science, Social Studies, Media, Technology, Arts, Crafts, and Life-Skills development.

The Maalinyai School has kept in mind that as this is a space for young children and adolescents—and that their ability to take care of themselves is still developing—all learning areas are safe and accessible to them. Spaces are organised in such a manner that there are no hidden or ‘blind’ spots, where children can be out of sight.

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