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Announcement : Admission open for Academic Year 2024-2025. We maintain a strength of 32 students in each section. Limited Seats available for admission in Class 1 to Class 8.

Communication With Parents

The Maalinyai School sends regular circulars and newsletters to inform parents about the various activities at the School. Home assignments, students' performance, forthcoming projects are regularly sent through the students' diary. Parents are requested to check the diary every day; and acknowledge such information by counter-signing them.

Parents may communicate with teachers through e-mail, notes sent with their children, or through SMS. They may also call the child’s Class Teacher after school hours, if any matter requires urgent and immediate attention. Otherwise, they are to send a message, to which the teacher concerned will respond, as soon as possible.

Seeking An Appointment

If a parent wishes to discuss the student's progress with a specific subject teacher, an appointment needs to be taken with the Class Teacher for a time convenient for both. Similarly, if a parent wishes to meet the Principal/Head of School, a note is to be sent to the Class Teacher, who will communicate a suitable time
Parents can also call up the School’s Reception Desk, or send an e-mail to seek an appointment.

Review Meetings

Two review meetings will be held, one in each term. The dates of the meetings will be intimated well in advance.

The purpose of a review meeting is for the parent and the teacher to have a mutual discussion on the student's performance.
Parent-Teachers’ Meetings (PTMs) are held on the last Saturday of every month.