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Art and Craft Week

Children Engagement during Art and Craft Week – 19th to 23rd February, 2018

    As an academic engagement activity at TMS, children had a good exposure to new techniques of creating crafts.
    Art and Craft Week – Day 1:
    On the first day of Art and Craft Week, children of Grade 1 and 2 did the preliminary preparation for making a paper basket. They learnt to draw vertical and horizontal lines with equal spacing between them. They also understood the necessity of cutting the paper up to the required mark. With these, they created the basic grid graph pattern of the paper basket. The exercise was also a measure of their motor development, control and hand eye coordination.

    Art and Craft Week – Day 2:
    On the second day, students gave shape to the basket by folding the grid graph created by them on the first day along the specified lines of fold. Each student created the basket, attached the parts and decorated it according to their liking. The freedom to select the colour of paper for decoration helped in building self-confidence, developing smart and independent thinking, and fostering creativity and ingenuity. It also encouraged them to express and share their thoughts.

    Art and Craft Week – Day 3:
    On the third day, students readied themselves for creating the paper folding fan. They folded the paper at equal width to prepare the fan. The stimulation of the pressure points at the finger tips helped them in applying the right amount of pressure to create creases and fold the paper. It also served as a tool for assessing the extent of fine motor development among students. The activity captured the vibrant imagination of students and created the right amount of excitement to keep them engrossed in the activity.

    Art and Craft Week – Day 4:
    On the fourth day, Grade 1 and 2 students completed the paper fan they created the previous day by attaching the mechanical parts. Their happiness and excitement knew no bounds when, after completing the fan, they waved it at each other to express their feeling. The precision with which they gave the finishing touches took their thinking and application one notch higher. They also explored new ideas and implemented it while working on the paper fan.

    Art and Craft Week – Day 5:
    On the fifth and final day, students of Grade 1 and 2 made flexible paper fish which involved the skills of paper folding, cutting and pasting. The skill of colour coordination was highlighted as students had to choose the appropriate colour for fins and tail with respect to the body of the fish. A highly mature and developed sense of colour coordination was displayed by students. The weeklong event generated the right amount of excitement and interest which helped in learning new skills and building their self-confidence.

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