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Universal Learn Today

Universal Learn Today is the learning division of the India Today Group (ITG), India’s leading media conglomerate. ITG owns and manages Vasant Valley School (New Delhi) — one of India’s top co-educational day schools.

Under the leadership of Executive Director Mr Arun Kapur, ULT’s team of education industry experts and educationists work towards building new schools that are symbols of excellence, achieve the best-possible professional standards for existing schools, and develop a curriculum that enriches the teaching-learning process. In addition, ULT conducts workshops on innovative practices for professional development of teachers, as well as curriculum research, needs-assessment studies, and school audits.

Universal Learn Today's Expertise
  • Setting up new schools that stand out in nurturing confident, compassionate, and creative young minds.
  • Enrichment Programmes for existing schools that involve implementation of the most effective, forward-looking learning practices, which are supported by international educational research; and are contextualised to the individual needs and culture of a school.
  • Professional Development of teachers, in the form of regular workshops, to improve the quality of school education.
  • Advisory to Governments, such as, The Royal Academy Project in Bhutan, Armed Forces School Project (Bhutan), and rejuvenating the schooling system in the districts of Mansa and Bathinda in Punjab, among others.

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