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Announcement : Admission open for Academic Year 2023-2024. We maintain a strength of 32 students in each section. Limited Seats available for admission in Class 1 to Class 8.

Admissions Open for Academic Session 2023-2024

The Maalinyai School observes a rolling admission procedure. It means if seats are available, a child can join the school at any time of the year.

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The Maalinyai School goes virtual through Maalinyai Cloud School, children are getting engaged through cloud classes.

COVID-19 has created a scenario of global lockdown where social distancing has emerged as the only cure. Owing to this, we at The Maalinyai School have devised a new approach to learning - The Maalinyai Cloud School. Click here to know more

Academics And Beyond

One of the best school in Patna, The Maalinyai School follows a progressive curriculum, whose balanced approach gives equal importance to academics, arts, and sports. All activities are integrated to give a child a well-rounded experience, as outlined by the CBSE



Our focus is to create communities of compassionate human beings and model citizens for not just Patna or India but the whole world. We prepare every student for success in an ever-changing future; while, at the same time, ensures they learn to value and respect their own culture.



We aspire to rekindle the love of learning in everyone.
Our motto is to create a place of Dedication, Deep Knowledge, and Principled Action to realise inner brilliance.


Overall Development

The Maalinyai School follows a progressive curriculum, whose balanced approach gives equal importance to academics, arts, and sports. All activities are integrated to give a child a well-rounded experience, as outlined by the CBSE.

Academic Engagaments at Maalinyai

\"The moon may lose its beauty, the Himalayas may become bereft of snow, the ocean may transgress its shores, but I will never violate the promise given by my father.\\\"\\r\\nThis story of a son who spends 14 years in the forest to keep his father\\\'s promise is how the legend of Diwali came to be. All of us have heard it narrated at every Diwali - how the virtuous Rama defeated the evil demon Ravana and returned victorious to his kingdom. Here are a few pictures of the play of the Diwali story which the students of Prep 2 have enacted together to learn about Diwali the fun way.
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हिंदी दिवस
पूरा देश 14 सितंबर को हिंदी दिवस (Hindi Diwas) मनाता है ताकि देश में हिंदी भाषा को और बढ़ावा मिल सके। भारत विविधताओं वाला देश है जहां सभी लोग अलग-अलग भाषाएं, अलग-अलग रीति-रिवाजों का पालन करते हैं लेकिन देश के 77 फीसदी लोग हिंदी बोलते, समझते और लिखते हैं। पूरे विश्व में भी हिंदी तीसरी सबसे अधिक बोली जाने वाली भाषा है। हर साल इस खास मौके पर शैक्षिक संस्थानों में तरह-तरह के कार्यक्रम आयोजित किए जाते हैं।\\r\\nइस सप्ताह को हमारे विद्यालय में हिंदी सप्ताह के रूप में मनाया जाता है। इसे हिंदी पखवाड़ा कहा जाता है। इस दौरान हमारे स्कूल में विभिन्न प्रतियोगिताएं आयोजित की जाती है। इन प्रतियोगिताओं में काव्य गोष्ठी, भाषण प्रतियोगिता और वाद-विवाद जैसे कार्यक्रम शामिल हैं। 14 सितंबर को ही भाषा सम्मान पुरस्कार दिया जाता है।
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Grandparents Day
Grandparents hold a special place in everyone’s heart. Many of us look for their advice when in trouble. Their bedtime stories are an integral part of a child’s growing years. In honour of the grandparents, The Maalinyai School celebrated Grandparents Day. On this occasion, children in their unique way, thanked their grandparents for their love and support. “With the shrinking size of families\", grandparents are often missed the most by children. It is crucial to sensitize kids about the role of grandparents in one’s life and teach them about respecting and taking care of them in their old age. The Maalinyai School emphasizes the emotional bonding of children with their family members. Hence, this particular day was organized to strengthen the unique bond between kids and their grandparents. The day filled with fun and frolic was appreciated by the elderlies who abundantly enjoyed themselves with their little ones
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National Sports Day
Sports bring everyone together; through sports, we can create a healthy society, a healthy state, and a healthy nation. Playing a sport not only enhances the physical and mental development of children but also teaches them values like discipline, inclusion, perseverance, respect, practice for betterment, working according to your priorities, playing fairly with others, waiting for the next chance, sharing the credit, and so on. In recognition of the importance of sports in one’s life, the students of The Maalinyai School celebrated Sports Day with great zeal. \\r\\nTributes to Major Dhyan Chand who made an exemplary contribution to Indian Hockey and on his birth anniversary we observe National Sports Day. Also, greetings to all sportspersons who have made the country proud with their dedication and remarkable performance and to all the sports enthusiasts and aspirants to keep striving to be the best.\\r\\n
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Friends are those strong ties that are purely formed out of love and respect for one another, regardless of their age, race or religion. The students of The Maalinyai School celebrated Friends and Friendship on Friday 5th August with varied Friendship Day activities across the grades.
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International Tiger Day
International Tiger Day is celebrated every year on July 29th as a way to raise awareness about this magnificent but endangered big cat. It was started to raise awareness about the conservation of the wild cat, which over the last 150 years has witnessed a massive drop of nearly 95% in its population. Tiger is a powerful icon of India\\\'s cultural and natural heritage and the protection of the iconic animal is deeply linked to our ecology. On this day, let us pledge to further intensify our efforts to create a hospitable habitat for our national animal to thrive. Keeping in mind why Tigers are important our young Maalinyaiites performed poster-making activity.
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Parent Testimonials

Although learning might not be to the extent it happened during regular school, but still, children are getting a positive direction in which they have to proceed. My child is concerned about his classes and reminds us when it is time for the classes to start.
- Dr. Manish Kumar
The initiative is good and hopefully it should continue as children are getting engaged during the daytime due to classes and in the evening with assignments. It is very effective for children during this lockdown. Including activity classes are also upholding the interests of children.
- Gyanendra Narayan Singh
Children now have a purpose for which they can work and they are curious about what they are going to learn. Otherwise they engage themselves in unnecessary things. My child’s academics is improving as the faculties are explaining the concepts very well and she has become very attentive.
- Dr. Pawan Kumar Singh
Cloud sessions are proving to be very effective as the children are having a quality time with their academic engagements. They are doing handwriting and assignments daily which is enhancing their academics. Teaching children to raise questions during the online class is also a very important aspect of learning process as the students who speak less are benefiting from it.
- M.R. Anisha
I really liked the annual sports day. Concept of your school that every child is a winner and all kids received medals. Overall it was a very good event.
- Nagmani Kumar
The arrangement done by the school authority was excellent during the sports meet, We had a great experience as we got an opportunity to perform the task with our daughter. I would like to thank every school authority members for organising such a wonderful event.
- Supriya Kumari

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